Fireworks – fun or explosives for all?

[this is a bit of a random rant, excuse me whilst I ramble]

Every year, the sale of fireworks seems to come earlier and earlier.

In the UK, we used to use them on the 5th November (or the closest weekend). Now they seem to be in use from the 30th October to mid November. And then over the whole Christmas period.

When in the right hands, they can be great fun. But as people have more and more access to them, the fun becomes less.

My thoughts:

  • The sale of fireworks should be licensed in the same manner as the sale of alcohol.
  • The purchase of fireworks should be more tightly controlled. Get them out of the supermarkets and corner-shops for a start.
  • The use of fireworks should also be licensed. This would restrict displays to organised events and not 14 year old kids throwing fireworks down the street, or scaring fish.

I don’t want to be kill joy, but explosives need to be treated with respect.

Maybe I’m getting old and jumpy. I love the look of a good display. I don’t like having to fish the cat out from underneath the bed.

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